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Here's the plans for Memorial Weekend. Please make sure your name is on the days you will be at the camp and on the boat. If it isn't on this list, then I don't have you down. If anything has changed, please call or text me at 601-467-9744 ASAP. Thanks - Keith
Thursday Night (23rd)
Camp is full. (Keith/Josh/Bubba/Austin/Kim/Casey P./Casey G)
Friday Fishing (24th)
Boat is full. (Keith/Josh/Bubba/Austin/Kim/Casey P./Casey G/Trey/Johnny)
Friday Night (24th)
3/6 beds taken (Keith/Josh/Jack/)
Saturday Fishing (25th)
Boat is full. (Keith/Josh/Jack/Josh's Client/Mickey/April/Casey G/Cooper)
Saturday Night (25th)
3/6 beds taken (Keith/Josh/Jack/)
Sunday Island Trip (26th)
Sea Sharp is slammed crammed full. Leonard Clark can take some bodies on his catamaran that will leave from Pascagoula launch Sunday morning.
Sunday Night (26th)
3/6 beds taken (Keith/Josh/Jack)
Monday Fishing (27th)
Leaving later in the morning about 9 or 10. 7/8 spots are filled. (Keith/Josh/Carlos/Boyd/Jack/Leonard/Seth (tentative))
Monday Night (27th)
4/6 beds taken (Keith/Josh/Greg Gillespie/Jack)
Tuesday Fishing (28th)
7/7 spots are filled. (Keith/Josh/Greg Gillespie/Marquez + 3 guests)
Tuesday Night (28th)
3/6 beds are filled. (Keith/Josh/Greg Gillespie)
Wednesday (29th) Shutting Camp and Boat down coming home.
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