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The Toadfish Stowaway Cutting Board

If you are like me, the only time you forget to bring something on the boat is when you take it off the boat. My general rule is when I go fishing, everything I need should already be on the boat. There are enough things to think about when preparing for a trip than having to remember every single thing you might need.

Some items though don't stay on the boat and a cutting board is one of those. The one I have was made for offshore fishing and fits into a rod holder in the gunnel. It takes up an enormous amount of room so I don't leave it on the boat. And, thus I've needed a cutting board more times than I can count. Enter the toadfish stowaway cutting board. Check out the video I made about it. I can't wait to cut some squid on it and rip some lip!

You can pickup one here:

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