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The Boat

31 Prowler - Powered Catamaran

Sea Sharp is a 2015 31 Prowler powered by twin Yamaha 300 motors made by Renassaince Prowler in Opa Locka, FL. The boat's name is derived from two other loves in my life, music, and technology. C# represents a musical note and the programming language C#. I would like to take credit for coming up with the name but my beautiful wife, who is an Assistant Professor of Music at THE University of Southern Mississippi (TO THE TOP!) came up with the name on our way to church one Sunday. 

A direct descendant of the Prowler 306 that shattered the standing New York-to-Bermuda record back in 2002, the Prowler 31 preserves that hull's exceptional ride quality and efficiency while offering an even more spacious and versatile layout.

It has a huge 10'10" beam, a LOA of 33'0", and holds 260 gallons of fuel.  The boat easily accommodates large crews, multi-day loads, and has plenty of storage with total below-deck storage of 1,750 quarts. The boat has a hard t-top that is 8FT x 12FT. The largest t-top of any boat this size. And it is truly appreciated on those long summer days.

In September 2018, a Rhodan GPS trolling motor was installed on the back platform between the motors. This makes locking over a reef super simple and allows more fishing time in the zone. It has been a game changer. 

The boat only drafts 12 inches with the motors up and we take advantage of this when we take day trips to the islands. It allows us to back down to get close to load and unload.


With twin 300s, she cruises in the high 30s to low 40s while burning 1.3 to 1.5 mpg and has a top speed of 54mph.