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Frequently Asked Questions 
What Should I Bring on a Fishing Trip?

Small soft-side cooler that contains any food. Drinks will go in the big cooler upfront that sits on the deck. Bring food just for you.

Why soft-side? Because hard coolers will bang around and can damage the boat. They also weigh more.


Everything besides food should go into your dry bag. The dry bag should be waterproof and hold things like medicines, sunscreen, and other miscellaneous items. Usually, a 10L - 20L is plenty big. You'd be surprised what you can put in one. Duffle bags work too and there are some even fancier ones that are also backpacks. Here's a really good one that's affordable

With your soft-side cooler and dry bag, those two items should contain everything you need to have a great day on the water. We supply water on the boat so don't worry about that. But, anything you want to drink we will put into the big cooler on the deck. 


Rub on 30SPF - 50SPF. Anything more and you are wasting your money. Do NOT bring spray-on sunscreen of any type.  Spray-on sunscreen takes wax off of the boat, isn't easy to apply in the wind, isn't good for your skin (see the studies), and will not give you the protection you want. Apply BEFORE getting on the boat to give you a good base coast for the day. 


Bring comfortable shoes you can stand up in and wear all day long. Your feet WILL get wet on the boat, especially when fishing. Make sure your shoes are non-marking and will not scuff the deck or tear the seadek. If you fish a lot, invest in a good pair like the Xtratuf 6" Boot. Sperry makes some nice shoes that you could wear on or off the boat. Any local sporting goods store will have them. 


Visors and caps aren't enough. Your face will get sunburned on an all-day trip. Get a bigger hat, round, that'll cover your ears and most of your face. Make sure it has a string so you can secure it. Once it blows off when we are running 45mph, we'll never find it even if we turn around 97% of the time. You don't have to invest a lot in a hat. Wal-mart and sporting good stores have cheap options. Remember, it is going to be hot, so don't get anything too heavy if you can help it. 


This one is a lifesaver and cheap. It'll save your ears, neck, mouth, the face from getting too much sun. Especially when we are riding 3 hours one way. It is cheap but absolutely valuable. Here's a link to one.


If you fall off the boat, or you lean over the boat and your $200 sunglasses fall off your face into the water they are going to Davey Jones' Locker. Get a pair of croakies that will float. 


We have pliers on the boat. But they aren't always where you need them. It is best to have a pair that are on your person at all times. Carry a pocket knife as well. You never know when you need to cut a rope or a line. These are expensive but have lasted several years and come with a case: T-reign ProSheath. Your local sporting goods store will carry cheaper options, just make sure they have a sheath you can keep them easily on your person with. You will find lots of gear on the gear page


If you've been fishing before you probably have a set routine. This is not a super duper requirement but just having fished offshore for numerous years I know what has worked best for me. It all starts with zero pieces of cotton. From underwear to socks to shirts, shorts, and pants. Cotton doesn't dry very well and you will sweat. And, it can cause irritation. In the summer most of us wear a long sleeve dry fit shirt and shorts. Other times of the year we are wearing foul weather gear and layered to stay warm.


Bring a couple favorite reels if you have them. If not, I have plenty.


If you have your own tackle, bring a small portable tackle kit. Space is a premium, keep it small. 

What NOT to Bring?


See "sunscreen" above.


Glass is dangerous on a boat and a beach. 

What will we catch?

It depends on the time of year, weather, conditions, the salinity of the water, how far we have to run and lots of other factors. Offshore fishing can be hit or miss as we only go on good days. We will try to catch the best fish we can but mostly plan on speckled trout and redfish. Here is a list of all the different species we have caught at various times of the year:

  • Speckled trout

  • Redfish

  • Red Snapper

  • Wahoo

  • Mahi Mahi (Dorado)

  • Amberjack

  • Almaco Jack

  • Mangrove Snapper

  • Grouper

  • Yellow Fin Tuna

  • Blackfin Tuna

  • Tilefish

  • Barrelfish

  • Cobia

What are the Details for Flying From Out of Town

Fly into Gulfport International Airport (GPT). The boat and camp are located in Gautier, MS (see the contact page). 


Magnolia Inn, in Gautier, MS has reasonable rates. Last time checked they were $99 / night. We can accommodate a couple of guests at the camp if needed.

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